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  Worksop Local Members Group
   Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

    Protecting Wildlife for the future

Worksop Wildlife Watch Group

Wildlife Watch groups are the junior section of the Wildlife Trusts. Their aim is to encourage young people to take an interest in wildlife and the environment in a fun way, through games and activities.

Although the Worksop branch of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is very active we wanted to provide something specifically for children to get involved in. We felt that many children today miss out on exploring and visits to places where they can meet wildlife and we wanted to try and fill this gap.

We made the decision to start a group in a school because we felt that way we would reach children who may not otherwise have these opportunities. Also we hoped this would give us more support in terms of teaching expertise and resources. We decided to start our first group at Redlands School in Worksop.

Redlands School, Worksop Watch Group

The following fund raising has been carried out for the Redlands Watch Group:
    8 - Children's colouring competition with a combined Christmas + Wildlife theme.
    10 - At the Local Group's December meeting for guessing the number of peanuts in a bird feeder.
    20 - From the Rotary Inner Wheel.

Recently the group had an owl day with real, live owls from Britain, Europe and America.  I have included a collection of photos below.  I think the favourites were the huge Eagle Owl and the beautiful Barn Owl which even allowed the children to gently touch.  The Worksop Guardian came along and took some photos, so look out for the owls in the paper.  They also took photos of the certificate that Redlands School Watch Group won as the runner-up for the best watch group in the country.

Over the year, the children have produced some beautiful posters for their notice-board:


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